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30. dubna 2009 v 20:33 | Raven |  Enter The Machine
CD The Phantom Agony(2003) Stiahni
1)Adyta "The Neverending Embrace"
3)Cry For The Moon
5)Illusive Consensus
6)Facade Of Reality
7)Run For A Fall
8)Seif Al Din
9)The Phantom Agony

DVD We Will Take You With Us(2004) Stiahni
1) 2 Metersessies
2)Making Of Two Metersessies
3)Music video´s
4)Making Of Music Video´s
5)The Voices Of The Phantom Agony
6)Slide show

CD Consign To Oblivion(2005) Stiahni
1)Hunab K´u "A new age dawns-prologue"
2)Dance Of Fate
3)The Last Crusade
4)Solitary Ground
5)Black Infinity
6)Force Of The Shore
8) Mother Of Light
9)Trois Vierges
10)Another Me
11)Consign To Oblivion

CD The Score (2005) Stiahni
01 -Vengeance is Mine
02 -Unholy Trinity
03 -The Valley
04 -Caught in a Web
05 -Insomnia
06 -Under the Aegis
07 -Trois Vierges (solo version)
08 -Mystica
09 -Valley of Sins
10 -Empty Gaze
11 -The Alleged Paradigm
12 -Supremacy
13 -Beyond the Depth
14 -Epitome
15 -Inevitable Embrace
16 -Angel of Death
17 -The Ultimate Return
18 -Trois Vierges (reprise)
19 -Solitary Ground (single version)
20 -
Quietus (score version)

CD The Divine Conspiracy (2007) Stiahni
01 -Indigo ~ prologue
02 -The Obsessive Devotion
03 -Menace of Vanity
04 -Chasing The Dragon
05 -Never Enough
06 -La'petach Chatat Rovetz ~ the Final Embrace
07 -Death of a Dream ~ the Embrace that Smothers part VII
08 -Living a Lie ~ the Embrace that Smothers part VIII
09 -Fools of Damnation ~ the Embrace that Smothers part IX
10 -Beyond Belief
11 -Safeguard to Paradise
12 -Sancta Terra
13 -The Divine Conspiracy


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